Meet Angela

    Angela’s journey in real estate began in 2012, taking her from the charming landscapes of South Carolina to the busy neighborhoods of Atlanta, Georgia where she’s based today. Before her passion for property ignited, though, she spent ten years in the field of Human Resources, armed with a Masters degree in Human Resource Management – and it’s this diverse background that sets Angela apart. As a seasoned REALTOR®, she’s known for her commitment to excellence. She’s dedicated to serving her clients and has gained a solid reputation as reliable and knowledgeable.

    Angela believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle and, when she’s not busy helping her clients with their property needs, you’ll find her staying active and hitting the gym. In fact, she tackles her wellness journey with the same level of enthusiasm as when she’s on the hunt for a client’s dream home - with determination and an unwavering belief in the possibilities that lie ahead.